Friday, August 04, 2006

Blogger - Moblog Integration

You'll notice a picture of the Denver airport in the blog. I wanted to test this new function of Blogger. Setting up the integration was not as straight forward as they implied, but seems to work a little better than TextAmerica. Honestly, the problem is Sprint.

Blogger says to send them a picture and they will send you a claim code. Unfortunately, the claim code was sent as an image which my Sprint phone could not view. I had to forward the message Blogger sent to the phone to regular mail account. Sprint, however, does not actually e-mail pictures. What they do is send people an e-mail that tells them to go to so they can see the picture that was uploaded. It's Sprint's way of saying "All you Picture belong to us." Once I logged into webmail, redirected to Sprint to get the message from Blogger, I could then log in to Blogger to associate my phone with the blog.

The only reson I mentioned that it works better than TextAmerica, is that TA is not able to capture the picture mail text from Sprint. As a result, anytime I send a picture to TA, I have to log in and edit the description. Blogger seems to have licked that problem.

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