Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Razor Cell Phone Sucks

My mother-in-law is not what you'd consider a technology whiz kid. My brother-in-law on the other hand... well, he's smarter than average when it comes to all this tech stuff. He's even indicated that if he were not a surgeon, he'd probably be in the computer field. Of course, then he'd be broke like the rest of us IT flunkies. Since he is not (broke, that is), he gets to pay for his mother's cell phone.

I've had SprintPCS for about ten years now. I had a Cingular phone for about 15 months, and cancelled it when they hit me with a $1,023 bill for one month. (It's been over a year, and it is still in litigation.) I had a T-Mobile phone for 12 months, and cancelled it because they only had coverage in about ten US cities.

He's had SprintPCS for years, which was convenient, as we were all on the same plan. Well... His daughter complained about coverage problems in Memphis, TN, (none of us live there: including her) so he changed to Verizon. As a result, my mother-in-law now has a Motorola Razor phone.

That thing is a piece of crap!

My Samsung will do everything but cut the grass, and I live in a townhouse... that has no grass. The Razor's menu has five options. Each has about four functions, giving a total of about twenty settings that can be tweaked. My Samsung has at least 80 functions from the main menu, another dozen from the Settings sub-menu, and about fifty more from a secret Field Service Menu.

She really only wanted three things:
* Add some numbers to Contact. (What a mess! I had to delete entries to edit them.)
* Make the numbers on the clock larger. (No can do: It could be done if the Verizon logo was smaller, but the logo is locked onto the handset display.)
* Get the voicemail to work. (It was a provisioning problem, so I called Verizon. I had to dial "O" for the Operator to ask how to get to Tech Support. They said dial #611. Tech Support wanted me on a second phone, but would not give me a direct line to call back. They agreed to call my SprintPCS phone. After several minutes they gave up and told me to take it to a store.)

I can't believe this is the coolest phone around! Sure it looks good... I'm just astonished that is the main people buy a phone!

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