Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thunderbird Default Account

I've been playing with Thunderbird this week. For the last year, I've been aggregating all my mail account onto a Sidekick mobile Messaging Device, but I had to get rid of it because of the T-Mobile's horrible coverage. I've moved to one of Sprint's new EVO phones, which isn't going to work as well for reading mail. Thus, I'm working on using Thunderbird as my mail aggregator.

My goal is to move Thunderbird's config files to a USB Thumb drive. When on the road, I'll use my laptop, when home I'll use my workstation. Which ever machine has the thumb drive, will have all the Thunderbird information.

The first step was getting Thunderbird to recognize which account should be the default account. This is important because the default account is expanded and all the other accounts are collapsed on the display. The normal behavior is that the first account configured on the system is the default.

I found that I could change the behavior by editing the defaultaccount setting in the prefs.js file. By looking at the account list in the Thunderbird account pane, I counted down the list, found the account I wanted, assigned it to this setting, and restarted. First problem solved.

More to follow.

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